Beagle - Shyla - Medium - Young - Female - Dog
Shyla is an adorable, very petite little girl. She came into the Midwest BREW program from a shelter that thought she was pregnant. Although Shyla would have had gorgeous beagle puppies, it turned out after several weeks that she was not pregnant which is very good for her. She is now spayed and ready for the next chapter in her life. Shyla, like her name says, is very, very SHY. It takes her time to warm up to people. Shyla will need a home that has a consistent routine and another dog to show her that the home and the people in it are safe and loving. She is not shy with other dogs. She takes her cues from the dogs around her so another dog that is self-assured would be a positive situation for her. Shyla loves to chew on rawhide, play with toys, run (very fast) through the yard darting back and forth. She can jump and cut back very quickly because of her petite size. She doesn't care that she is the smallest of the dogs in the foster home; she will run and play with everyone no matter what size dog. The first several days in the foster home were a little rough because of Shyla's nervousness with people. She wasn't sure of coming back into the house after being let into the yard to potty or to play. It would take several times of trying to get her back in the house. Sometimes we would have to go and get her. Sometimes we would stand with the door open and our back to her. We would leave her leash on her and be able to get her, but it would take two people. NOW, several weeks later she does not have a problem coming into the house on her own but she does dart quickly through the door. She slept in a crate the first two nights and now has the opportunity like the other dogs to sleep in a dog bed in the foster parent?s bedroom. Everything with Shyla is still a work in progress. Foster mom and dad cannot understand how she can be house-trained but so afraid of people at first. Some of the firsts her foster parents have had with her...coming close enough to be eating peanut butter off of foster mom's finger, coming over to get pet on her own, looking you in the eye, following foster daddy around the yard instead of running the other way, sitting on the couch (in her spot) eating a chew, hoarding all the toys and chews on the couch. We have seen so many things that with time and patience will continue to blossom with Shyla. And Shyla can now be added to the Midwest BREW website as being adoptable because her foster parents just returned from vacation and Shyla went for almost two weeks to another Midwest BREW foster home and did all the things there that she did with her original foster parents. When they came back from vacation Shyla was extremely excited to be back home with us in her original foster home without any set-backs. So with a patient home, and definitely another dog, probably no young children-they would move too quickly for her, Shyla will continue to develop into a wonderful addition to someone's home.
Breed: Beagle
Size: Medium
Petfinder ID: 24325240
Pet has been spayed/neutered
BREW Mid-West - Beagle Rescue | Toledo, OH
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