Beagle - Betty White - Medium - Adult - Female - Dog
Betty is a taller lady (around 15?) with beautiful legs and big feet that go ?Galumph, Galumph? when she runs through the house. Our Very Nice Vet thinks she is 7 or 8 years old but she is full of energy and will walk as long as you want before curling up next to you for a long nap. Betty used to have ?night terrors? frequently, and those are subsiding as she has gotten comfortable in her surroundings. At first Betty wasn?t sure about the 17 year old cat she lives with, but they have been caught napping together a few times now. She has a beautiful voice that she uses to order her food, announce your arrival, and warn strangers to beware. Her voice makes her a less than ideal apartment dweller. It is very endearing to listen to her moan while having her belly and ears rubbed. Betty would love a forever home where she could be with someone several hours every day! Betty walks fine on a leash, except it?s really more of a very long sniffing expedition. She really enjoys the freedom of the big back yard where she can run like crazy and try to catch squirrels. She is not such a fan of the snow unless all of the Beagles go out together. Betty says, ?I eat really good kibble but I need extra fiber, otherwise my bottom starts to bother me. Mom doesn?t give us ?regular doggie treats;? instead we get yummy raw carrots, raw sugar snap peas, apple slices, pureed pumpkin, and super delicious roasted sweet potatoes. Mom thinks it is funny to watch us eat a piece of banana every so often because we all make a weird face but eat it anyway. I get a pro-biotic capsule every day, too, because a healthy Beagle Gut is a HAPPY Beagle Gut. I have a special Dog Pause bowl that helps me eat slower (barely) and Mom said I can take that with me to my furever home. Mom has to put me in my big wire crate when she leaves, because a couple of times I redecorated the entire kitchen while she was gone. She says I must have opposable thumbs because I can open the cabinet where the trash is hidden. But I get to sleep outside the crate at night and I do just fine. I know my name and ?Off? and ?Sit? but I sure would like to go to school to learn more.?
Breed: Beagle
Size: Medium
Petfinder ID: 24781380
Pet has been spayed/neutered
BREW Mid-West - Beagle Rescue | Toledo, OH
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